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Bright yellow and shocking pink

Vi har fået Debbie Bourne, der er forfatter til bogen ”The high heeled gartner” til at skrive en lille klumme hver måned og rapportere fra, hvad der sker i Londons haveliv.
Debbie Bourne - 
03. juli 2018

Debbie Bourne driver sammen med fem andre firmaet ”Ofbutterfliesandbees”, der designer og anlægger haver i London med fokus på biodiversitet og haveglæde. Debbie og hendes team er alle RHS uddannede gartnere, der brænder for at gøre Londons mange udeområder mere grønne og vilde.

Klummen skrives på engelsk, og da England er ca. en måned foran Danmark klimamæssigt, bringer vi med vilje klummen med forsinkelse. God fornøjelse med læsningen.

High Heeled Horticultural news from London

Hello, dear reader, it’s the High-Heeled Gardener here talking to you from London. Before you carry on reading, here’s a small warning, you might need to put on sunglasses to carry on reading this column, as it’s going to be very bright! 

This month we are all starting to feel very festive. The Birst reason is that we have all been swept up with Royal Wedding fever. We particularly loved the stunning mustard yellow Stella McCartney dress worn by Amal Clooney - gorgeous George’s wife! 

I love yellow

But talking of strong colours, the second reason we are feeling very festive is of course because of The Chelsea Flower Show, the highlight of the English horticultural calendar. A show where Bloral dresses are as abundant as the Blowers! And what a dazzling affair it was this year. 

Now repeat after me, dear reader, ‘I love yellow.’ ‘I love bright colours.' ‘I am not afraid of adding yellow and even orange Blowers into my garden!’ 

Dazzling show stopping colors

Yes, this year at Chelsea, it was all about show stopping dazzling colours. Whilst previous years have been all about purples and whites, with many gardens always featuring Salvia nemorosa ‘Carradona;’ this year bright yellows, oranges and shocking pinks stole the show! Even the shops around Chelsea this year were decorated with colour. 

The High-Heeled Gardener particularly loved all the bright orange Geums interplanted amongst deep red lupins, coral Verbascum ‘Firedance’, yellow and pink Dahlias, and even - now this will shock you - a yellow Hellebore. Yes, dear reader, this year at Chelsea, a lot of talk was all about the new Hellborus x hybrids Ashwood Evolution Group. Can you imagine a bright yellow Hellebore Blowering in your garden in winter? The High-Heeled Gardener certainly can! Another favourite this year was the Dahlia ‘Honka fragile’. 

Talking about garden accessories, whilst you may think creating a Bloral chair is out of the question! The High-Heeled Gardener loves the use of bright cushions to match feature plants. Great to scatter about on garden seating. 

Don't forget the edible garden

Whilst talking of adding bright colours to your garden, please don’t forget your edible landscape. Grow vegetables in lots of bright colours: Climbing French beans ‘Rob Splashed’ and ‘Rob Roy’. Beetroot ‘Chioggia’, Lettuce ‘Edox’ or ‘Marvel of four seasons,’ CauliBlower ‘Sunset,’ Courgettes ‘Orelia F1.’

The High-Heeled gardener in particular loves the gorgeous red Blowers on runner beans as they grow. Even herbs when they bolt and go to Blower can add super colour. Grow Dill for it’s yellow Blowers!! 

Champagne pink elderflowers

Going back to talk of the Royal wedding fever, many of us were surprised by Harry and Meghan’s choice of cake: ElderBlower and lemon. But what a lovely choice it was.

The High-Heeled Gardener loves elderBlower and it’s just about to Blower this month! Who can resist it’s Bloral and fragrant aroma. It’s champagne pink Blowers with a muscat and lychee Blavour?

Whilst I’m sure you all enjoy making elderBlower cordial, and elderBlower fritters, what The High-Heeled Gardener loves most of all to make is an ElderBlower Gin Fizz.

Here’s the recipe: 

ElderBlower Gin Fizz

You will need:

  • 4 slices of cucumber

  • Half teaspoon of coriander seeds
  • Ice
Tonic water
Homemade elder Blower cordial
  • A few elder Blower blooms. 

What to do:

Bruise the cucumber slices with the coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle to release the Blavour.

  • Fill a glass with ice, the cucumber seeds, and pour over a generous amount of gin.
  • Top with tonic and mix well.
  • Decorate with elderBlower blooms.

Green walls

Finally dear reader, another hot trend in London at the moment is green walls. Whilst many of us have been reluctant to create green walls because of the need for too much irrigation, and questions of sustainability, there are many new, very affordable systems on the market with built in watering systems.

A couple of metres of green wall can also really create a strong contemporary look for a small courtyard garden, particularly if combined with a strong feature coloured wall.

A new green wall being created using a system called ‘Wonderwall,’ which comes in sections of three plastic one litre planters. It’s soo easy to build for the true High Heeled Gardeners amongst us. 
Look forward to talking to you again next month. But for now, Go and sit in your lovely garden surrounded by your bright coloured plants and your copy of Haven Magazine. Skal!! 

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