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A celebrity packed fun Chelsea Flower Show

Vi har fået Debbie Bourne, der er forfatter til bogen ”The High-Heeled Gardener” til at skrive en lille klumme, om hendes besøg på Chelsea Flowershow.
Debbie Bourne (The High-Heeled Gardener) - 
23. maj 2019

Debbie Bourne har besøgt Chelsea Flowershow. I sin klumme fortælle hun om de forskellige showhaver, kendisser og overordnet set, hvad man kan opleve til sådan en event. (Du kan læse artiklen på engelsk nedenfor.)

Hello dear reader from celebrity press day at the Chelsea Flower Show.

An event where the famous people, and their costumes, are as colourful as the plants!
As I mingle here amongst the glittering crowd, the talk is that 2019 is a really strong Chelsea Flower Show. The overwhelming colour of the show is: green. The overall look: Naturalistic, woodland with lots of mature trees.

But more talk of plants and planting later. First of all, I know Dear reader, I know it is the gossip that you want to hear about. And what I was wearing!  Here’s a picture of your very own High-Heeled Gardener climbing into the tree house in the HRH Duchess of Cambridge’s amazing, ‘Back to Nature garden.’ Who was I climbing up into the tree house to meet? More about that later!

High-Heeled Gardener climbing down tree house

The first gardens I want to tell you about are my two favourites:

The Green fingers charity garden was designed by Kate Gould. This is a lush green garden featuring a range of topiary, Dicksonia, pines, yellow and white lupins. The High-Heeled Gardener adores the matching geometric green wall. At Chelsea this year, the traditional show gardens filled with purple hues of plants like: Salvia Nemorosa Caradonna are replaced with  strong green plants like glorious Angelicas. And with green coloured walls to match!  The High-Heeled Gardener adores this geometric green wall. It’s fab and stylish.

Green Fingers Gardens

The Montessori Centenary Children’s Garden is also fabulous candy box of colour. Featuring a sunken greenhouse, living walls, a wildlife pond area. All towered over by a bold pink archway, framed with pebbles encased in gabions, this garden is a riot of colour. The High-Heeled gardener urges you all to copy this bold approach to mixed colour planting! Also, why not wear matching bold colours as can be seen by some of the Chelsea guests. By the way, dear reader, the lovely floral skirt shown below is from brand MAJE.

Maje skirt

Montessori Garden

Moving on to a review of my favourite show gardens at Chelsea this year, The Resilience garden was designed by Sarah Ebele to celebrate the centenary of the Forestry commission. It’s aim is to make us mindful of the biggest challenges facing forests of the future. The garden uses natural materials including  boulders, stone and gravel to reflect it’s rural setting. It even includes a grain silo!  The High-Heeled Gardener is not sure many of us will be copying this look in own gardens!

With the startling new UN report stating that nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history and the rate of species extinction, is accelerating, it is more important than ever, that each one of us does our bit to increase biodiversity in our gardens.  In this Resilience garden, Sarah, has planted a wildflower meadow, in her bid to increase biodiversity. It not only is beneficial but looks good.

Resilience Garden With Grain Silo

Talking about all things good looking, the HHG must admit to having a slight crush on garden designer superstar Chris Beardshaw. Here’s a pic of me chatting to him.

Chris Breadshaw

His show garden this year explores how to create herbaceous rich spaces which managing resources more sensitively. Far be it for me to sound overly fashion conscious, but I couldn’t help but admire how the lining inside his jacket and belt match some of his planting! In particular the sultry Iris Pride of Cobham which was featured heavily in his planting scheme.

Iris Pride Of Cobham

Anyway, moving swiftly on to a review of the other show gardens…

The Savills and David Harber garden features a sustainable woodland clearing in a city garden. Designed by Andrew Duff, the garden is centred around a fabulous David Harbour sculpture.  But do you know what HHG likes best, Dear reader? It is the buttercups - yes…buttercups at Chelsea! And the cow parsley with it’s gorgeous umbels of white, more frothy than a bridal gown!

The Savills and David Harber garden

The highlight of the Trailfinders ‘Undiscovered Latin America’ Garden was undoubtedly the red walkway built over the lush temperate rainforest plantings

The red walkway

Talking about all things red, love it or hate it, in the Artisan Gardens, ‘The High Maintenance Garden for Motor Neurone Disease, was all about red!

Red car / motor neurone

Something that has really caught me eye is the sight of TV Presenter James Wong over in Andy Sturgeon’s M&G Garden. I have to say, he is as good-looking as this ferny, jewel-like garden, with it’s sculptures formed from sustainable bunt-oak timber.

James Wong

Ooh hold on a moment dear reader, isn’t that the very sexy film director/actor Stanley Tucci talking to famous UK comedian Rob Brydon?

Director/Actor Stanley Tucci talking to famous UK comedian Rob Brydon

What a lovely hand crafted wooden bench they are sitting on. Here’s a question for you, lovely readers, I can’t help but notice that Stanley Tucci is not wearing any socks. Which of you out there, thinks wearing shoes with no socks is a sexy look?

Back to a  more serious topic! Ikea and Tom Dixon’s garden: Gardening will save The World. This garden explores how we can make a positive impact on what we put on our plates through urban growing. It’s a very high-tech show garden based over two floors. The bottom floor a hyper-tech lab where hydrophonic and aeroponic technology is growing edible plants.
It’s almost like gardening in a disco. Maybe that’s a fun thing!

Tom Dixon Garden

Back in the artisan gardens, I can’t resist the gorgeous outdoor shower in designer Kazuyuki’s contemporary Japanese garden: Green Switch. His mission statement is to make urban life less stressful. The sight of this garden with its fab glass tea room, above a motorbike is humorous and fun.

Kazuyuki’s contemporary Japanese garden: Green Switch

One of my favourite plants at Chelsea this year is on full display at the stunning Wedgewood Garden: Valeriana pyrenaica.

Valeriana pyrenaica

What is also on full display in the Wedgewood Garden – a garden where Classicism meets Modernism, was a naked women! Yes, dear reader,  a human porcelain sculpture was to be seen wandering through the lovely garden filled with its palette of soft pinks, apricot, through to yellow planting. The planting designed all unified by strong, vibrant greens. Apart from enjoying the mastery of the planting scheme and antics of the naked woman (!) I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous terracotta coloured chairs to match the planting.

Wedgewood Garden

One of Chelsea’s highlights this year is without doubt the RHS Back to Nature garden designed by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge with Andrea Davies and Adam White. It is inspired by childhood memories. A place to retreat from the world, to play, learn and create family fun. The centrepiece of the garden is a stunning treehouse with a high platform clad in stag horn oak. A swing seat hangs from it. There’s a tippee tent, a campfire, a carved out log to climb through. There’s nothing for it, Dear Reader, time for the High-Heeled Gardener to take off her shoes, and get climbing.!

Nature garden

Nature garden

Inside, the Great Pavilion, the vast marquee of flowers is the usual great carnival of colour: All the fun of the fuchsia! The outfits as bright as the flowers!

Great Pavilion

I think it’s time Dear Reader, for me to have a glass of bubbly and sit and enjoy the other good looking sights on offer! Ooh look, it’s TV presenter Monty Dom!

Monty Dom

Whilst Chelsea this year highlighted some very serious issues around the theme of sustainability - and rightly so, with many Climate Emergencies being declared around the world, the Chelsea Flower Show is still was a riot of colour, fun, and great plants!

Until next month: Cheers from The High-Heeled Gardener.


Naked woman outside great pavillion


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