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Foto: Stine Heilmann med flere
Foto: Stine Heilmann med flere
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Kale, Amaranth and structure in the garden

Vi har fået Debbie Bourne, der er forfatter til bogen ”The high heeled gartner” til at skrive en lille klumme hver måned og rapportere fra, hvad der sker i Londons haveliv.
Debbie Bourne - 
02. marts 2018

Debbie Bourne driver sammen med fem andre firmaet ”Ofbutterfliesandbees”, der designer og anlægger haver i London med fokus på biodiversitet og haveglæde. Debbie og hendes team er alle RHS uddannede gartnere, der brænder for at gøre Londons mange udeområder mere grønne og vilde.

Klummen skrives på engelsk, og da England er ca. en måned foran Danmark klimamæssigt, bringer vi med vilje klummen med forsinkelse. God fornøjelse med læsningen.

High Heeled Horticultural news from London

Welcome dear reader to the High-Heeled Gardener from here in London! Each month, I will be bringing you inspiring ideas and giving you top tips on what is new and hip in UK garden design. It’s all about colour, texture, and imagination: but most of all, about having horticultural fun!

Of course gardening is not only about designing with plants and landscape, but in the world of the High-Heeled Gardener, it is also very much about the accessories! It’s about garden fashion; from bright coloured statement walls, to unusual ideas for trellis, pots and plant supports. About creating hard landscapes with original eco friendly materials, to soft landscapes with new and striking colour combinations. Not forgetting to mention the importance of fabulous furniture, and wellies with attitude!

Get fit and healthy with a pina-Kale-ada

So, where to start? It’s January, and after all that New Year’s indulgence, the role of gardening is all about helping us getting fit and healthy. Like any High-Heeled Gardener, I therefore start January by taking a walk around my garden armed with a large pina-KALE-ada! Yes, you read it right, dear reader, to make a pina-KALE-ada, simply puree some of that kale you are growing, and add rum. After all, kale, is one of your recommended five fruit and veg a day, and therefore good for you! The High-Heeled Gardener is a great exponent of not only growing what you want to eat, but what you want to drink. And not necessarily in that order!

Talking about pina-kale-adas, us High-Heeled Gardeners love nothing more than creating edible landscapes: landscapes with a mix of edibles and ornamental plants. Rainbow chard is always a firm favourite, with its evergreen rainbow of colours, certain to brighten up even the dullest of winter days, a lovely edible plant for creating winter structure.

Pina-KALE-ada. Foto: Flickr

Review the structure in your garden

Whilst on the subject of winter structure, winter is always a great time to review your garden structures; replace trellis, fences and edging. To that end, below is great idea for trellis with a difference.

The High-Heeled Gardener says why always choose the same old standard trellis when you can build trellis made of wagon wheels? In terms of edging, why not plant a step over apple tree as a fab alternative to standard herbaceous border edging. January to March is the perfect time to plant fruit trees, and we are feeling very fruity here in the UK!  

Another radical new plant support idea here in the UK is to grow plants up copper pipes to create a really hip urban plant support. Copper is very on trend! I get my copper pipes from my friendly local plumbing merchant!

Grow colorful Amaranth

Much like in the world of fashion, each horticultural season also brings with it a new fashionable colour. A top High-Heeled Gardener tip for next season, is to grow Amaranth. Amaranth is an easy to grow annual flowering plant (also great for a cut, dried flower arrangement later in the season).

Whilst some folk grow Amaranth to harvest it’s seed, as source of grain, the High-Heeled Gardener loves Amaranth for it’s ability to flower for weeks on end, its contribution to creating an edible landscape, but most of all for its strong red colour. Plants and flowers in shades of strong reds, bronzes and copper are going to be next season’s most fashionable colour....so get planning and designing now.

Amaranth. Foto: Flickr

That’s all for now folks, look forward to seeing you next month! The High-Heeled Gardener urges you to wrap up warm in a gorgeous chunky jumper and matching fingerless gloves, (to carry your pina-kale-adas) and enjoy the filagree, lace like pattern of leafless branches; and take in the newly revealed views in your winter gardens.

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