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Foto: Stine Heilmann med flere
Foto: Stine Heilmann med flere
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Piet… Pimms and parties!

Vi har fået Debbie Bourne, der er forfatter til bogen ”The high heeled gartner” til at skrive en lille klumme hver måned og rapportere fra, hvad der sker i Londons haveliv.
09. august 2018

Debbie Bourne driver sammen med fem andre firmaet ”Ofbutterfliesandbees”, der designer og anlægger haver i London med fokus på biodiversitet og haveglæde. Debbie og hendes team er alle RHS uddannede gartnere, der brænder for at gøre Londons mange udeområder mere grønne og vilde.

Klummen skrives på engelsk, og da England er ca. en måned foran Danmark klimamæssigt, bringer vi med vilje klummen med forsinkelse. God fornøjelse med læsningen.

High Heeled Horticultural news from London

Summer greetings, dear reader from the High-Heeled gardener here in London!

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

I have just returned from the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - and what an amazing show it was this year. The cheers from the football supporters who watched the England v Sweden football match on the giant screen in the centre of the showground (!) were matched in volume by the popping of champagne corks and clinking of Pimms glasses. It truly was a scorching day, in all senses of the word.

So, where to start with the highlights? Well, it has to be the wonderful Piet Oudolf meadow style border, which looked wonderful compared to the very formal surround of Hampton Court Palace. Who can’t but admire Oudolf’s naturalistic planting schemes created with swathes of grasses drifting through herbaceous perennials? It’s a look that each of us can easily create at home. The High-Heeled Gardener particularly loved the planting combos of Astilbe chinensis ‘Visions in pink’ with the oh so gorgeous and very dainty: Echinacea ‘pallida.’ These looked particularly lovely interspersed amongst the planting of Stipa barbata,’ which unified the design. Don’t tell anyone, dear reader, but I also have another new fave plant as featured by Oudolf: a lovely white Veronica. Do look out for the Veronica longifolia ‘Melanie White’.

Debbie BourneDebbie Bourne

If you love strong colours - as The High-Heeled Gardener does, who could resist another of Oudolf’s star feature plants: Helenium ‘Moorheim Beauty.’ Whilst yellow and might be a difficult colour for many of us to wear as clothes, it’s certainly a colour very easy on the eye in the garden!

Whilst on the subject of yellow, The High-Heeled Gardener was also wowed by the strong yellow feature wall which wrapped itself round the ‘Santa Rita ‘Living La Vida 120’ garden. Latin America comes to Hampton Court! Ole! The contrast between the simple green planting scheme (pepped with purple Agapanthus) and the vibrant yellow, was fabulous and created a very contemporary look. You have to be brave, dear reader, to go for a look like this! If anyone out there has any pictures of bold coloured feature walls, the High-Heeled gardener would love to seem them?

Debbie BourneDebbie Bourne

Moving onto copper….another favourite Hampton Court show garden this year was, ‘The Entertaining Garden.’ Whilst the garden is a celebration of botanicals, and er, gin – and The High-Heeled Gardener will have plenty to say on that subject soon - what really stood out was the fabulous entertaining space. The small garden contained a perfectly designed space for parties – a subject very close to my heart! The centre point was the enviable copper bar and table which gleamed with style!

Whilst designing a garden to party in, is very important to us High-Heeled gardeners! Creating a family garden – I have to admit, is an equally happy thing to do! A special Hampton Court Flower show call out therefore also goes to ‘The Family Garden’. This garden was a wonderful relaxing space for insects to thrive and children to get immersed in nature. An enchanting environmentallyconscious, family garden. The look, relaxed and un-manicured. Key plants, Digitalis, Cirsium and Deschampsia. The key feature, however, was an incredible bug hotel which spanned the whole of a wall. Totally amaazing.

Best of Both Worlds

The garden that really made me laugh at the show, was ‘Best of Both Worlds.’Yes, dear reader, this was a garden all about relationships – and I’m not talking about plant relationships! This was a garden split in two equal halves and separated by a row of hornbeams in the middle. A garden designed for a couple who have differing tastes!

As designer Rosemary Coldstream explained: “Let’s be honest – we all need a bit of private space from time to time to maintain harmony in the home. So I couldn’t resist the idea of creating one garden with two very different spaces. Each has its own distinct personality.”

One side of the garden is more traditional with a country garden feel and a palette of blues, purples and pink plants; whilst the other side has more contemporary look, with a simpler green foliage and golden grasses. In terms of hard landscape, one side has warm-toned bricks, and the other, dark pavers for a more contemporary look.

We’ve all heard the term ‘man shed,’ well perhaps it’s time for the… ‘she shed’. Come on dear reader, say out loud after me. “I want a ‘she shed’….!”

Pimms and parties!

But going back to the subject of gin and cocktails, I am writing this article whilst watching the Wimbledon tennis finals. The High-Heeled gardener is having to console herself over the absence of Rafa Nadal and the Fed – whose handsome presence, makes matches like this, oh so good, to watch (!) It’s time for a drink. We have a wonderful summer tradition in the UK - particularly during Wimbledon, and that is to drink a Pimms cocktail. Pimms is a deliciously boozy, gin based, fruity drink. It is especially tasty and pretty when infused with garden grown crops. May I suggest, dear reader - that like me, next year you grow your own Pimms patch. Just add garden grown mint, strawberries, cucumber and borage flowers to a large slug of Pimms. Cheers.

That’s all from the High-Heeled gardener at Hampton Court with, er, the green leaved men... Have a great summer. Cheers!